The taste and crunching!

the New!

CHIP'S MAXX light snacks consist of processed

dehydrated potatoes, spices and seasonings.

Сметана та зелень

Technology of CHIP'S MAXX

provides 5 times less frying time than traditional potato chips.


The modern technology of combination of these products

allows to achieve the most light air structure, which gives a unique crunch and prevents the retention of fat inside.


For frying CHIP'S MAXX

except sunflower oil, using a special refined palm olein, which has a much higher boiling point than the temperature of the cooking and is a natural antioxidant due to its high content of vitamin E, which is used even for baby food.

Солодкий чилі
зі сметаною

As a part of light snacks CHIP'S MAXX are

Natural flavors and selected ingredients


Hot CHIP’S MAXX Wasabi

We have created a new taste for connoisseurs of very ho-o-ot sensations!


CHIP'S MAXX in the form of french fries

Our technology allows you to create french fries with a unique crunch


Try all the light CHIP'S MAXX

air snacks and choose your taste.